Up 56.3% from the past year.

In 2018, China's installed power battery capacity totaled 56.9GWh, leaping 56.3% from the previous year. Of that, the annual installed energy capacity for ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries reached 33.1GWh and 22.2GWh respectively, according to data released by China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance (CAPBIIA).

In addition, 33.1GWh of batteries were installed in new energy PVs and 23.8GWh were used for new energy CVs.

CATL had 23.5GWh of power batteries installed into vehicles last year, taking the championship among all China-based battery makers. The runner-up is BYD whose annual installed battery capacity reached 11.4GWh.

China's power battery outputs totaled 70.6GWh in 2018, among which the outputs of ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries chalked up 39.2GWh and 28.0GWh respectively, accounting for 55.5% and 39.7% of total battery outputs.

Last year, the power battery sales in China recorded 62.3GWh. The ternary battery became the absolute mainstay with a total of 34.5GWh sold throughout 2018. Besides, the annual sales of lithium iron phosphate batteries amounted to 24.4GWh, making up 39.1% of total sales.

The top 3 power battery makers by annual sales sold 38.5GWh in total, accounting for 61.7% of total power sales. The sales of top 5 battery makers aggregated 44.0 GWh with a share of 70.6%. As to the top 10 makers, they made up 85.7% of 2018 sales for entire power battery market with 53.4GWh sold in total.

Source: Gasgoo

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