Driving on packed snow up an incline often isn't easy.

Here we see a stock Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor attempt some simulated start/stop climbs up the slick hill.

Fitted with the stock Michelin MXM4 tires, the Model 3 struggles at times. For snowy locations, we'd always recommend a proper set of snow tires be fitted at all 4 corners.

The lack of winter tires aside, the Tesla manages to move, though its pace is a bit on the slow side and there's definitely some wheelspin here and there.

Video description:

Curious about how the Tesla Model 3 handles the snow?

This video shows the Model 3 climbing a modest uneven surface on packed powder snow.

This Model 3 is a stock Dual Motor with the stock Michelin MXM4 tires.

My original intent was to show the slip start menu feature. The traction control worked very well. The slip start feature is only for deep snow, mud or sand and not shallow snow and ice.

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