Next-gen long-range are fantastic ... in most ways.

My Electric Earth seems to love EVs and the whole concept surrounding the segment. He recently test drove the Hyundai Kona Electric, so it only made sense to check out the Kia Niro EV (e-Niro). Of course, we all know it's a Robert De Niro favorite, but why?

The Kia Niro EV is a bit larger than the Hyundai Kona Electric, so it's better for a big family. It also has a lengthy range. Not to mention a luxury-grade cabin and plenty of features.

So, what's the negative kicker here?

As My Electric Earth points out, there's nothing that's actually wrong with the Kia itself. Instead, he believes that the lone issue is inadequate charging infrastructure, as well as charging speed. For those families that frequently set off on long road trips, this car just won't do. Keep in mind, this YouTuber is not just discounting the Niro EV, but all long-range EVs at this point.

Furthermore, it's even more important to understand that it's not these electric cars that are the problem, but instead, the charging infrastructure constraints and the obvious lack of public locations.

Video Description via My Electric Earth on YouTube:

Test drive of Kia e-Niro

KIA E-Niro is the second car that I try that is the new generation longer range EV.s. This is an important step forward in the electrification of passengers cars. This car is bigger, and it can very vel be used as a family car. It has three types of diving moods, eco, normal and sport. But will this car and the Hyundai Kona be practical on long distance trip, when most of the fast chargers out there is only 50 kW? The time to recharge will be unacceptable.

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