Did the Tesla Model X 100D truly reinvent American luxury?

We know full well that some people will immediately argue that Tesla vehicles are not luxury cars. In fact, even the automaker doesn't qualify them as such, but instead, calls its electric vehicles, "premium." However, many automotive outlets, reviewers, and ranking websites put cars like the Tesla Model X in the same category as other luxury crossovers. Thus, they rank Teslas against the pinnacles of German luxury: BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. But, what about American luxury?

Do American luxury cars even really exist these days? Sure, brands like Lincoln and Cadillac fit the bill. However, this video talks about old days, when American luxury was at the forefront. We're talking about iconic vehicles that you might see at a classic car show. Today, luxury car shoppers seem to prefer German and Japanese luxury brands. With a multitude of highly rated choices at plenty of price points, this just makes sense.

So, aside from the beauty of this video's imagery and soundtrack, how has the Tesla Model X 100D clearly reinvented and revitalized the dying American luxury car? Check out the video.

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Video Description via Meesh Motorsports on YouTube:

How Tesla Reinvented American Luxury | 2019 Tesla Model X 100D | Mary The Model X

Meesh Motorsports goes over How American Luxury Cars were reinvented by the 2019 Tesla Model X 100D. Big thanks to Graham over at Checkpoint and his boy Vikram for helping out! How American Luxury Cars were Changed by Tesla. Why Tesla Rivals Mercedes, BMW & Audi. Meesh Motorsports on the Tesla Model X 100D 2019, Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S P100D, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y.

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