50 Supercharging stands

The largest Tesla Supercharging stations around the world have 50 stalls - there are only three such stations installed, all in China (two in Beijing and one in Shanghai). The biggest stations in the U.S. are 40-stall and there are just five of them.

Here we have video from the Shanghai, Lilacs International Com. Center, China where 50 Superchargers have been available since October 2017.

The underground station was visited and presented Vincent Yu:

"Tesla world biggest Supercharging Station in Lilacs International Commercial centre, Shanghai China. It comes with 50 stalls in this location. In this trip to Shanghai, I am able to see many Tesla on the road in here, and this gorgeous Tesla Supercharging station here is definitely a “must” for local users. Enjoy the video and please remember to subscribe my YouTube channel. Thank you!"


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