Almost 11% of passenger cars in Norway are all-electric or plug-in hybrid

Norsk elbilforening reports that as of the end of 2018, there are now more than 200,000 all-electric passenger and commercial cars registered in Norway. The number includes about 160,000 new BEVs and about 40,000 BEVs imported as used.

The total number of BEV cars increased in the past year by 41% from 141,951 to 200,192:

  • 194,900 passenger cars (about 7.17% of total 2.7 million passenger cars in the country)
  • 5,292 commercial delivery vehicles (about 1.1% of vans)
Additionally, there are 95,993 plug-in hybrid passenger cars registered (3.53% of the total), which brings the all-electric fleet to 290,983 and 10.7% of passenger cars. The progress is rapid as we just a few months ago reported 10% share.

Other than that, Norway has:

  • 3,010 electric motorcycles and mopeds (including Renault Twizy or Buddy)
  • 42 electric buses
  • 13 electric trucks
  • 143 hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars
Especially the segment of electric buses is expected to surge in the coming years.

In 2018 all-electric passenger cars had 31.2% market share in new car sales.

The most popular all-electric car in Norway is the Nissan LEAF with 49,823 registrations (new and used imported). In 2018 LEAF was also responsible for 1/4 of all BEV registrations.

Top 10 most popular all-electric cars in Norway

Top 10 most popular all-electric cars in Norway (Source: Norsk elbilforening)

Source: Norsk elbilforening

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