When you're splurging for a premium vehicle like the Tesla Model 3, reliability is critical.

With most first-generation vehicles, there are going to be some issues early on. This has been especially true of some Tesla cars. The company is very new in comparison to all other automakers and it's making constant changes to its vehicles over time. So, is the Tesla Model 3 still reliable after 12,000 miles and about six months of ownership?

YouTube channel TeChExPo notes that its new Model 3 had some software issues in the first few weeks. This resulted in automatic emergency braking, traction control, and cruise control being disabled. Fortunately, Tesla was able to quickly fix the problems with a firmware update.

Additionally, the GPS system was not working properly, but Tesla pushed an additional update through to correct the issue. This was helpful to the owner, since the GPS works in tandem with Tesla Autopilot. The fact that the automaker pushed the early firmware update through meant that the fix was immediate. Otherwise, the owner would have had to wait some time until the next scheduled update. The Model 3 also had some minor panel alignment concerns, which the service center was able to fix as well.

Aside from these minor issues, which were all addressed immediately, this Model 3 has proven to be a fantastic and reliable vehicle. Just the fact that it's an EV and will almost indefinitely start and run without fail -- unlike some gas-powered cars -- makes it a car you can count on.

The video goes on to highlight the Model 3's strengths. Check it out and let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

Video Description via TeChExPo on YouTube:

Is the Model 3 Reliable? 12 Thousands Miles Later!

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