3.4% of new passenger cars in France were electric in December

December 2018 was an exceptionally strong month for plug-in electric car sales in France. The number of plug-in (passenger and commercial) registrations increased some 35% year-over-year to an all-time high of 6,547!

The main force of growth is all-electric vehicles, as the plug-in hybrids are in retreat. In total, some 5,640 passenger plug-ins registered in December, translated into an all-time record market share of 3.4%!

  • Passenger BEVs: 4,434 registrations (up 63%) at 2.7% market share
  • Passenger PHEVs: 1,206 registrations (down 19%) at 0.7% market share
  • Light commercial BEVs: 907 registrations (up 48%)
  • Total: 6,547

Plug-in car sales in France – December 2018

Plug-in car sales in France – December 2018
Plug-in car sales in France – December 2018

Year 2018 closes with:

  • Passenger BEVs: 31,055 registrations (up 25%)
  • Passenger PHEVs: 13,439 registrations (up 25%)
  • Light commercial BEVs: 8,103 registrations (up 35%)
  • Total: 52,597 (including 39,158 all-electric)
There are now some 163,179 all-electric vehicles registered in France and probably around 200,000 including plug-in hybrids.

Renault ZOE takes 55% passenger BEV segment

Renault ZOE sales hit a new all-time record in France - 2,558 new registrations (up 55% year-over-year). In total, some 17,038 new ZOE were registered in 2018, which is almost 55% of all passenger all-electric cars.

The second-best for the month and for the year - Nissan LEAF - is far behind at 449 and 4,668 respectively.

It's always worth noting that Renault Kangoo Z.E. is also first in the Light commercial BEVs - the 562 registrations in December and 4,176 are unmatched (51.5% of LCV BEV segment).


Source: L’Avere-France

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