The Tesla Model 3 Performance excels in a real-world range test performed by one of the most trusted Tesla video bloggers

Normally, when you're in need of more range with your Tesla Model 3, you opt for a Model 3 Long Range. However, for some, getting the performance aspect offered by the Model 3 Performance is one of the biggest perks.

But, that doesn't mean that the Model 3 Performance doesn't offer an impressive range. For the most part, the Model 3 Performance is an electric performance machine. It's powered by two electric motors, featuring a Dual Electric Motor setup. This allows the Model 3 to sprint from 0-60mph (0-97km/h) in 3.3 seconds. The battery pack will afford the owner with a stated 310-mile range.

However, some owners have griped to Tesla about the less than advertised range for the Model 3 Performance. According to one Tesla Forum member, he's constantly getting 10-15% below range claimed. The range issue is really not a problem though. Especially when you take into account the thrilling performance offered by the Model 3 Performance. However, for some, getting to know the real-life range is an important aspect of Tesla Model 3 ownership.

Hence, a range test video is what we needed. And today, we might actually have the ultimate range test video - done by Bjørn Nyland, a trusted Tesla video blogger. The video above gives us a clear-cut showcase of the actual, real-world Tesla Model 3 Performance range. Bjorn, at 56mph (96km/h), managed to attain a range of around 280-300 miles (450-480 kilometers) on a single charge. And that's definitely not bad. Not bad at all. For many, this real-life range will be more than sufficient for the daily commute, with plenty of juice left even for longer trips.

Well done Tesla! As objective as we are, this is a stellar range for such a high-performance vehicle.

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