One more look at the LEAF, before e+ is be introduced

While the eyes of the world turned to the all-new Nissan LEAF e+ (62 kWh) at 2019 CES, Consumer Reports takes a look at the current 2018 model year with a 40 kWh battery.

Many consumers will now be considering whether it's better to purchase the 40 kWh version, or wait til Spring 2019 and pay at least several thousand more for the 62 kWh version (which gest some other upgrades like more power and faster charging speeds).

Consumer Reports said: "The Nissan Leaf was one of the first all-electric vehicles to come to market. The 2018 redesign has a comfortable ride and standard advanced safety gear. But, the low range from its battery keeps it from being a true competitor among its peers."

It would suggest that having a higher range/battery capacity would translate into a better competitive position and a lot higher sales. If that's the case, we should see significant improvement. In 2018, Nissan sold just 14,715 LEAFs - up 31% from its worst year of 2017, but more than two times below its peak in 2014 when 30,200 were sold.

Nissan LEAF sales in U.S. - December 2018
Nissan LEAF sales in U.S. - December 2018
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