The number of AWD Model 3 VINs is now higher than RWD

According to Model 3 VINs tracker, Tesla just registered its biggest batch of VINs so far for the Model 3 - 21,308. Interesting is that it's estimated that 100% of them are all-wheel drive versions, while 73% are international (for deliveries outside North America - most likely Europe or China at this point).

The latest registration round brings the tally to 229,766 and as it turns out, AWD is now in the majority (115,316), compared to RWD (114,450).

Particularly, the shift towards AWD and export can be seen in January stats, as over 97% of VIN registrations are AWD and the majority (70%) are classified as international.

Tesla Model 3 VIN registrations (Source: Model 3 VINs)

Source: Model 3 VINs

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