Honda Urban EV to debut this year, but only 5,000/year to be sold in Europe?

A near-production ready Honda Urban EV is expected to be shown at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March.

The concept version debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 and according to Automotive News, the production version will have a world premiere in Frankfurt in September.

The cute Japanese electric car gained a lot of interest around the world and Honda promised to open order books in early 2019. First deliveries are expected in late 2019, although the latest news indicate that early 2020 is more likely.

By that time, Honda will also announce a proper name for the car, as Honda Urban EV is just provisional.

The good news ends here as we read unofficial sales expectations in Europe of "around 5,000 a year in a full year of sales".

5,000 per year in Europe seems like a dramatically low goal even for the first year. If Honda really intends to note two-third of its sales to be electrified cars by 2025, then it needs to raise the BEV goal or we need to accept that Honda is going mostly hybrid.

Source: Automotive News