2018 was the last year of PHEV dominance in Sweden?

While the overall car market in Sweden decreases, plug-in electric cars continue with expansion. In December, some 2,695 new plug-ins were registered, which is 21% more than a year ago at a decent 11% market share.

All-electric cars became more popular in recent months, while the plug-in hybrids note decline:

  • BEVs - 1,090 (up 277%)
  • PHEVs - 1,605 (down 17%)
The best-selling model in December was Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (383), followed by Nissan LEAF (343) and Renault ZOE (340).

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden - December 2018

The total number of new registrations in 2018 amounted to 28,674 (up 43% year-over-year) at an average market share of 8.1%.

Plug-in hybrid models were the most popular choice in 2018, but there is big chance that new BEV models and more BEV-friendly incentives will change the outcome in 2019:

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden - December 2018 (Source: EV Sales Blog)

Source: EV Sales Blog

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