Chevy Volt and Chevy Bolt EV have a solid 4th quarter.

Because General Motors no longer reports monthly sales reports in favor of Tesla-like quarterly reporting, InsideEVs' monthly Chevy Bolt EV and Chevy Volt delivery numbers are estimates.

We consider this information important to our readers and have decided to provide the best estimates we can. Our numbers are primarily based upon daily inventory tracking, as well as accounts from buyers, dealers and other sources. At the end of each quarter we revisit our estimates once we receive final quarterly numbers from General Motors. Any updates to sales numbers will be made at that time.

If you have been following this sales report for the past few months, you know that Bolt inventories in the U.S. were weak throughout the entire 2018 model year. GM had been prioritizing exports of the popular electric hatchback, particularly to South Korea. So much so that 2018 international GM plug-in sales eclipsed domestic for the first time ever.

In the 3rd quarter, sales improved with Chevrolet reported deliveries of 3,949 the Chevy Bolt EVs and 5,429 Chevy Volts.

In the 4th quarter, sales for the Bolt have significantly improved as the automaker again focused on the American market and increased production of the popular electric hatchback. For the fourth quarter, Chevrolet reported 6,212 Chevy Bolt EVs and 5,063 Chevy Volts were sold.

Because our estimates are primarily based on inventories, we are reliant upon dealers and third party websites to maintain accurate inventory information.  Most months this leads to a relatively accurate breakdowns of sales. However, this quarter it resulted in November estimates for the Volt that were too high.

There was indeed a sales spike in November for the Volt but not as high as inventory drops had indicated. We have made our final end of quarter adjustment to the monthly breakdowns of both models.

By the end of the month, it was clear that both models would see a sharp drop off for December. InsideEVs estimates that 1,412 Chevy Bolt EVs and 1,058 Chevy Volts were delivered last month.

Q4 Chevy Volt And Bolt EV Deliveries, Plus December Breakouts

Chevy Volt inventories are at a 12 month low.

These sales estimates are consistent with General Motors confirming to InsideEVs several months ago that they will be crossing the 200,000 threshold in Q4 of this year. This milestone was most likely hit in early December. Chevy buyers should have access to the full $7,500 tax credit until at least April 1st, 2019. Although depending on IRS rules, the refund might be available until July 1st, 2019.

Unfortunately this buying spree over the past two quarters has devastated Volt inventories.

By December 31st, 3,353 Bolts were at or in transit to dealers. The Volt dropped like a rock to a mere 1,613 units. These inventories were down from yearly highs of 4,500+ during the quarter.


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