The factory is there, now it's time to achieve BYD's production levels

GAC Group (the parent company of GAC Motor) has completed its all-new production plant for New Energy Vehicles with first-phase capacity for 200,000 cars annually.

The Chinese manufacturer spent 4.7 billion yuan (US$ 680 million) on the investment, which began in September 2017. The goal for the later term is an expansion to 400,000 per year.

The production will start in May 2019. GAC intends to launch two new all-electric models per year "to enrich its product line and provide consumers with multiple options".

The first model to be Aion S, while the second for now remains unknown.

"The future of vehicles is electric, global, online and sharing, which highlights the importance of automated driving technology. GAC Group has started its own R&D of self-driving technology since 2011. The Aion S, featured Level 2 partial automation driving system, will be released in 2019, and will also be the first mass-produced new energy vehicle model used for developing Level 4 high automation driving system. A new vehicle model developed by GAC Group and featured with Level 3 conditional automation driving system will be put into production in the near future."

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