Tesla did not disappoint in consumers' trust rankings.

According to the latest survey about consumers trust in top tech companies, Tesla is in pretty solid shape with lack of trust from just 1% of consumers.

The worst score is 40% (Facebook), followed by Twitter and Amazon (both 8%).

"According to a December survey of 1,000 people conducted earlier this month by research company Toluna, 40 percent of respondents said they trust Facebook the least with their personal information. That deep mistrust stems not only from the various data leaks and privacy fiascos but also from revelations of how the company and its top executives, Mark Zuckeberg and Sheryl Sandberg, have handled those crises."

Caring for trust has become a major task, as cars become more digital with all the infotainment features, navigation, connectivity with phone, history of using the car and mobile apps.

Companies people trust the least with personal information*:

  • Facebook - 40%
  • Twitter - 8%
  • Amazon - 8%
  • Uber - 7%
  • Google - 6%
  • Lyft - 6%
  • Snap - 4%
  • Apple - 4%
  • Microsoft - 2%
  • Netflix - 1%
  • Tesla - 1%
* online survey completed by 1,000 respondents between December 9th, 2018 and December 15th, 2018 - source: Toluna via Recode

Source: pcmag.com

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