In dual-motor AWD, the Model 3 should be capable in the snow, but let's find out for sure.

With winter setting in comes snow and that can be a problem for some cars. Find out who the Tesla Model 3 AWD performs up a slope in the slick stuff.

This ain't no ordinary slope though. The Model 3 seen here is being tested up Snoqualmie Pass at a portion in which the incline is 25 degrees. This is a difficult incline for most any vehicle, so we wouldn't be surprised if the Model 3 struggled. However, it did not. Though this video appears to have taken place when rather calm weather was on the Pass.

Snoqualmie Pass climbs into the Cascades passes through a microclimate characterized by considerable precipitation. It's often difficult for travelers due to slick conditions. The Pass averages over 400 inches, but it's typically open year-round. Chain-up areas are listed along the Pass and various alert screens are set up to warn motorists of conditions ahead.

Video description:

Two for one vlog!

We head to Snoqualmie Pass to test the all-wheel-drive system on snow in the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor.

We also install the Jeda Wireless Charging system made specifically for the Model 3.

Hill tested was at a 25-degree angle.

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