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One pedal driving on San Francisco's steepest hills?

Tesla Explained shared results of an interesting test of a Tesla Model 3 (the rear-wheel drive, long-range version). The test was on San Francisco's steepest hills.

The idea was to see whether regenerative braking will be strong enough going downhill to not use brakes. And, on the flip side, to find out whether acceleration is still brisk going uphill.

As you can see, the steepest being Filbert Street at 31.5 degrees slope, Model 3 speed up from 4 to 21 mph using only regenerative braking.

On the less steep slopes, top speed was 15 mph using regen only and then 14 mph at 20 degrees slope.

In the case of uphill acceleration on Jones Street (30 degrees slope), Model 3 speed up from 0 to 35 mph.

Electric vehicles seem to be a perfect fit for such hilly city. It's expected that the dual motor all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 will be an even better choice. That's mainly due to its stronger regen.

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