Guest Post: Kay Talley*

A unique opportunity came our way to see damaged cars up close, personal and naked at Stuttgart Auto Body, Denver’s premier Tesla collision repair facility. Attendees from Denver Tesla Club visited to gain insight into the structure of Tesla's vehicles – and what can possibly go wrong while out on the road.

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Stuttgart is certified by Porsche, Mercedes – and Tesla. The main focus of the Englewood facility is the latter. Although it is sad to see a parking lot full of triaged vehicular friends awaiting admission to the ER, the care and attention indoors for them is nothing less than spectacular. State Farm expert, Austin Domsch, was also on hand to explain coverage of that little ‘incident.’

Above: A Model S P100D – witnessed in repair - will shortly be returned to owner after a significant front-end ‘ouch.’ (Image: Stuttgart Auto Body)

Accidents happen. How they are taken care of is an eye-opener into the vehicle and the overall construction of Models S, X and 3. The crumple zone up front is a testament to life-saving.  Tesla is possibly the most complicated of vehicles to work on, but Stuttgart has made a massive investment in all Tesla-approved equipment necessary and continues to grow with the company to keep up with the electric car maker's continually evolving technology.

Above: A Tesla Model 3 front-end with structural fracture. What’s in there? A great opportunity to get more insight. The coolant you see in the Model 3 is also BMW’s - rather than Tesla branding it. It’s pretty much a generic for luxury vehicles. Makes sense. Why reinvent the wheel? (Image: Stuttgart Auto Body)

Tesla Fremont hands-on trained technicians are passionate about returning a car to an owner in pre-accident condition. Using only Tesla OEM and diagnostics, they make it happen.

Above: Denver Tesla Club members including winners of the EVANNEX Tesla car coverraffle and Stuttgart’s luxury packages of in-vehicle beverage containers — all enjoying this special club event (Image: Stuttgart Auto Body)

From 3M insane automotive adhesive, riveting under equally insane pressure to meet Tesla’s over-and-beyond safety ratings, an owner can feel completely safe in the vehicle, post collision. Good as new.


*EVANNEX Editor's Note: Kay Talley is a long-time Tesla Model S owner and member of the Denver Tesla Club. Kay was kind enough to send along an overview and photos from the event. 

*InsideEVs Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers, free of charge. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX. Check out the site here.

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