Single account, without additional fees from mid-2019

Greenlots and ChargePoint announced an agreement about peer-to-peer roaming, which will result in interoperability between both charging networks in North America.

Users of both networks will get access to charging points from the other network without a separate account and without an additional cost. However, we are still about a half-year before the system will be ready in mid-2019. Once the software will be ready, electric adoption will become one step easier.

"This agreement benefits drivers and businesses by increasing access to essential charging solutions and creating an ideal experience for EV drivers. The more charging solutions that drivers have access to, the easier it is to drive electric, which helps encourage more drivers to choose EVs. Industry collaboration is a key ingredient in ushering in the next generation of mobility, supporting EV drivers and paving the way for the electrification of transportation. Soon, drivers will be able to use the ChargePoint or Greenlots mobile applications to locate charging stations, activate a charging session, and pay for charging, a familiar experience for users of either network. As an added benefit, property owners who manage or install charging stations may see an increase in station utilization, opportunities to create new pricing plans and other new options for growing their businesses.

This roaming agreement is based on the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol. OCPI is an independent, open protocol that enables network operators to exchange key information needed to provide roaming services, which gives EV drivers a number of benefits."

Michael Hughes, Chief Commercial and Revenue Officer, ChargePoint said:

“The electric mobility revolution is upon us and there is no turning back. For more than a decade, ChargePoint has worked to create an open and accessible network that enables drivers to enjoy an effortless charging experience everywhere they live, work and play. We are pleased to partner with Greenlots and others in our category to further support the growing EV driver community and help accelerate the mass adoption of electrified transportation on a global scale. We invite other networks to join us in similar partnerships as we seek to make EV charging ubiquitous and the transition to EV seamless as we move quickly to lay the foundation for the fueling network of the future.”

Lin-Zhuang Khoo, Senior Vice President, Greenlots said:

“The EV charging industry is experiencing a period of critical growth and evolution. This once-fragmented industry is building momentum towards true driver interoperability thanks to the adoption of standards like the Open Charge Point Interface that are beneficial to drivers, automakers, grid operators and charging infrastructure providers. What’s particularly encouraging about this positive trend is that it is happening in advance of major policy changes or other external forces —- a sign that the EV charging market is maturing in concert with surging customer demand for EVs. The most visible benefit from this advancement will be to drivers: members of both networks can roam in their EVs without the burden of managing multiple accounts or worrying about exorbitant surcharges for charging their vehicle, and more drivers will be enticed to go electric thanks to a new, seamless charging experience.”

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