Will the Volvo semi become a new leader in the future of electric, autonomous semi trucks?

Volvo has everything it takes to succeed in the electric, autonomous semi truck market. While it may be years before Tesla brings its all-electric semi truck to market, we're well aware of its potential. Additionally, we already know that Nikola is working on a plug-in electric freight hauler, though it will be a fuel-cell truck. In addition, Daimler currently holds a substantial leg in the segment. However, Volvo is tried and true when it comes to haulers, and its autonomous tech and safety features are arguably unrivaled.

We've reported before about Volvo's future plans for the Vera electric, autonomous semi truck. However, aside from the earlier press release, we don't have a whole lot to report on here. However, the image that you see above is surprisingly the actual "hauler" or powertrain if you will. Notice it looks like a car, but has no passenger cabin. You'll have to check out the short video to learn more.

Do you think this type of concept can really make waves? We have no doubts about the Volvo semi plans, but still, it's quite revolutionary to say the least. Will it come to market in this configuration? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Volvo Trucks on YouTube:

Volvo Trucks - Designing Vera and the future of transportation

Vera, an autonomous, electric vehicle, is unlike anything seen from Volvo Trucks before. It presented Volvo Trucks’ design team with many challenges, but the final result is a design that embodies Volvo Trucks’ vision for the future, lifts its technological accomplishments and gives the vehicle personality and identity.

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