As the bitter cold sets in, it's time to test out the range of your electric car.

Or, rather, to sample the range loss of your EV.

In this example, a Tesla Model 3 is put to the winter driving test. The test concludes by suggesting that you should opt for the long-range battery version of the Model 3.

But there's more to the story to tell.

All Teslas have ample range. The Model 3 is not an exception to that rule. But when the cold kicks in, range drops. Depending on the severity of the weather, the drop can be substantial.

So, what this video is suggesting is basically that if you reside in a colder region and can afford to spring for the long-range Model 3, then come winter, you'll be glad you made that choice.

This cold-weather driving is always a hugely popular topic here at InsideEVs, largely due in part because we drive cars, not in labs, but out in the elements that Mother Nature tosses our way. And oftentimes that includes cold temperatures and/or snowy conditions. So, watch the video above for some more interesting info on the winter EV driving topic.

Video description:

In this Tesla Model 3 review video we go over 4 reasons why Performance/AWD/RWD Long Range battery is beneficial over the Standard & Mid range battery.

If you're on the fence on getting a Model 3 (now that European/Austria model 3 are available to order), things to consider before ordering.

We look at how the Tesla Model 3 handles winter weather and look at range loss in the life & day of a driving Tesla, especially during the winter season.

1) Consider phantom drain

2) Don't rely on public charging stations or paid Supercharging

3) Winter range loss is REAL!

4) Better car performance, longer warranty, better long-term life


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