If not detected, there's sure to be a crash in the making.

Tesla's Autopilot system may not be perfect quite yet. However, gradual improvements via software updates continue to improve upon an already industry-leading system.

Some of the trickier elements for any self-driving or near self-driving system are the unexpected moments. You know, those unpredictable, but often-occurring blips. These include pedestrians unexpectedly stepping into the roadways. Cars veering one way or the other and even those lane-splitting motorcycles that appear seemingly out of nowhere.

This particular video focuses on the latter. As you'll see in the clip from the view of the Tesla Model 3, several instances of lane-splitting motorcycles are recorded. It seems Tesla Autopilot is rather solid at capturing the bikes and, beyond that, detecting the presence and the possible threat.

But that's not all you'll see in the video. What becomes immediately evident is the risk these bikes pose, both to the riders and cars driving nearby. It's downright scary to watch several of the scenes in the video above. And we'll be the first to admit that, as a driver, we'd be unlikely to detect the motorcycles in many instances until it was too late.

Video description:

For 3D sound use headphones! Video of Tesla autopilot detecting lane-splitting motorcycles recorded with binaural audio. Tesla Software version 9 (2018.42.3). Tesla Model 3 (AP 2.5 hardware).

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