Final checks of Model 3's CCS charging ability at a Fastned charging station

Tesla Model 3 was seen at the Fastned fast charging station in the Netherlands, and according to Roland van der Put, Head of Network Technology at Fastned, it was an engineering prototype.

Tesla apparently was performing charging tests (several 1-minute sessions at over 60% SOC) using the CCS Combo chargers as the Model 3 in Europe will be equipped with CCS Combo inlet.

There are no details about what power level could be achieved using the 175 kW Fastned charger, but it's expected to be above the 120 kW rating for the Superchargers.

The Model 3 with CCS Combo is great news for third-party charging providers like Fastned, especially since the Model 3 probably will soon become best-selling electric car in Europe, which means a new stream of customers.

Separately, Tesla already started retrofitting Superchargers with CCS plugs as in about three weeks the market will start getting thousands of Model 3.

Source: Electrek

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