How about a Tesla Model 3 with an open, butterfly steering wheel?

Obviously, all those who follow Tesla know that the Silicon Valley automaker makes a point of doing things differently. How about those jump seats in the Model S, or the Model X falcon wing doors, or the Model 3 air vents. Yep, the automaker is innovative and doesn't follow in the footsteps of Big Auto. This is what makes Tesla what it is, and why it has come so far in such a short time.

*Lead Image Credit: TAW Chicago on Instagram

Fast forward to the unveiling of the upcoming Tesla Roadster. If you've yet to be apprised, the concept features an open steering wheel. This simply means it's open at the top. The wheel doesn't continue in a complete circle across the top. It's a sort of an adapted butterfly steering wheel, if you will. Conversely, a traditional butterfly design would have an open top and bottom. Essentially, nothing up top or below.

As Electrek has reported, an aftermarket company is offering the Roadster-type steering wheel for the Model 3. Interestingly, this type of steering wheel is not usually approved for production models, as it's really a race car steering wheel. Nonetheless, Tesla is planning on making it standard in the upcoming, road-ready Roadster.

If you're actually interested in getting this product, TAW Chicago is the aftermarket company in question and it's now making this new, aftermarket steering wheel available. However, despite its basic website and a few images, there's not much there. You'll surely have to make a phone call to get more information, as well as pricing.

What do you think? Will the all-new Tesla Roadster be able to take to the roads with this type of steering wheel? What would be the point of purchasing one for your Model 3? We're very interested to read your dialogue on this topic in the comment section below. Please share!

Source: Electrek

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