You might not be able to gas it up, but it can fart now thanks to Toilet Humor mode.

Yes, that's right. A farting Tesla.

Tesla just added toilet humor to its cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet back in November the inclusion of a couple new upcoming Easter eggs for the all-electric vehicles.

One of those Easter Eggs was what's known as Toilet Humor mode. We weren't entirely sure what to expect of this mode, but now we know it'll make your Tesla fart. Like whoopie cushion type farts, but it's sadly not activated when one sits in a seat. It's done on-demand or by activation of the turn signal

We love us some good, clean humor here at InsideEVs and this has all the making of that. Can't wait for those first videos to surface of grams or grandpa sitting down in a Tesla to a big 'ol fake fart.  Yes, the laughs will be a pourin' in.

Press play in the video below to see Toilet Humor in action.


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Game changer, I love this car #teslafarts #tesla #fartondemand

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