Cracking into a Tesla Model X battery pack is pretty fascinating.

We've shared quite a few interesting, in-depth battery pack teardowns. However, if you're not into that sort of thing or you simply don't possess the knowledge to understand it, it can be a bit overwhelming. This newest video is a different case. Rather than a deep dive, these seemingly "Average Joes" bust into a wrecked Tesla Model X battery pack to take a closer look.

We'll be honest to say that it's clear these guys have knowledge about batteries. In fact, the channel is dedicated to makingĀ Tesla-inspired DIY powerwall units with recycled 18650 cells, with the specific purpose of powering homes. Watching their outstanding footage -- which is accompanied by some fun music -- is ultimately satisfying in a strange way. Rather than doing a whole lot of random talking, which could be over many people's head when it comes to battery tech, they use their adept camera and editing skills to show the removal and tear down process in all its glory. You can tell they're having some fun with the process.

What do you think of this unique video? The concept is pretty interesting for sure. Share your thoughts and insight with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via HBPowerwall on YouTube:

Breaking the warranty seal on a Tesla Model X

Having a part in taking this once great Tesla Model X apart was an eyeopening experience. Tesla Brands the smallest part behind door cards to the brake dust covers - It's amazing the attention to detail they have put into building a car. We mainly took out the Telsa Battery today & the next working bee will be removing the motors from the Car

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