This Tesla Model 3 Performance proves its worth.

YouTuber Kristy Morgan was able to take her new Tesla Model 3 Performance to Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, California, but there's a catch. She attended an event during which she learned how to drive a car on a closed track. Let's just add here that we're a bit jealous. Nonetheless, the Model 3 Performance fared extremely well. She was able to complete eight sessions over the course of two days of training. At no time did the Tesla have any power limiting or braking issues. Kristy says she only called it quits to make sure she had enough juice for the journey home.

According to Teslarati, Kristy is a Tesla "engineer and supply chain professional with expertise in materials and services procurement, strategic sourcing, and supplier auditing." This Tesla engineering program manager also appears to be a go-getter, since she had the initiative to take her Model 3 to the track for some much-needed education. Teslarati confirms that she participated in the BMW Car Club of America Golden Gate Chapter’s High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE) program. Wouldn't it be fantastic if all drivers were forced to undergo such a situation? At least based on our observations, life might be significantly better if the majority of people actually knew how to drive!

At any rate, we continue to hear that the Tesla Model 3 Performance with Track Mode is quite astounding, to say the least.

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Video Description via Kristy Morgan on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Track Mode - Thunderhill Raceway

Tesla Performance Model 3 Track Mode, first time running Thunderhill (East Bypass) with BMW CCA GGC HPDE. How many laps did I do? All of them! 8 sessions in 2 days, no power limiting, no thermal limiting, no "limp mode", no brake fade! Only had to come in one lap early on the very last session to leave enough battery to get home. :D


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