This looks like it could be a blast, but losing control is not easy.

These guys find a large, icy area that looks like a skating rink in the mountains. It's clearly a relatively safe location to put the Tesla Model S through the paces and see how it performs on a slick surface. There's no other traffic present and the area is off to the side of the road. In addition, it offers plenty of room to get the car moving.

If you're looking for a car to do some drifting, sliding, and spin outs, the Model S is probably not for you. In an area that looks like it might be a blast (and dangerous) in many other cars, the Model S maintains control, despite the drivers' continued efforts. The car's all-wheel-drive configuration and exceptional traction control do their job to the utmost. It's even crazier to learn that it's wearing all-season tires.

We've noticed some comments on other articles saying that these Tesla vehicles take away the fun of winter driving. While that may be true, it's not the job of an automaker to assure that its vehicles will provide you with the ability to drive recklessly and use your vehicle in a way that it wasn't designed to be used. Instead, the focus here is on safety, and it's clear that new technology in these vehicles is making them handle much better in wintry conditions.

Video Description via Summon Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Model S 100D On Ice, Must See

I simply cannot believe how amazing these cars are, today we (my new found friend and I) had a chance to really test and see how the model s 100d can handle the ice. Enjoy.

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