Tesla beats a Tesla for the win again.

The production EV record at the Laguna Seca track has been set and beat over and over in recent months. Previously, it was held by a Tesla Model S P100D until this Tesla Model 3 Performance prevailed. As you can see from the list below, Lucid has found solid success as well, but its cars are not yet in production.

The recent record of 1:41:28 was set by Cameron Rogers driving a Model 3 Performance that was modified by Mountain Pass Performance. So, if we want to be picky on the mods, the Model S P100D could still be considered the "stock" winner. Additionally, the same car that Rogers used to set the new record also made waves at the Global Attack event. However, despite recording an impressive time, it was disqualified since electric cars are not allowed to place at the event.

With many EVs coming to market in the near future, we will continue to see plenty of new records set and broken by electric vehicles. The all-new Jaguar I-Pace already has a place on the list below as well.

Video Description via Cameron Rogers on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Perf Laguna Seca - 1:41.28

New Production EV record at Laguna Seca.

Special thanks to my sponsors at:

Mountainpass Performance https://www.mountainpassperformance.com

Maier Racing https://www.maierracing.com/product-c...

Here is a list of mods on the car:

  • Mountain Pass Performance AWD Sport coilovers
  • Mountain Pass Performance Arastradero camber arms
  • Maier Racing front and rear carbon spoilers
  • Custom brake pads, Castrol SRF fluid
  • Enkei 18 x 9.5" wheels
  • Hoosier A7 255mm DOT street-legal tires

Previous production EV Laguna Seca records:

  • Tesla Model 3 LR stock: 1:54.2
  • Tesla Model 3 LR w/mods: 1:48.6
  • Jaguar I-Pace Randy Pobst: 1.48.1
  • Tesla Model S P100D Lucid test driver: 1:47.6
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance: 1:46.8
  • Tesla Model S P100D Tesla test driver: 1:43.0
  • Lucid Air prototype (non-production, full roll cage): 1:41.6
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance w/mods: 1:41.2
  • Lucid Air prototype (non-production, full roll cage, race tires): 1:39.3
Source: Electrek


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