Auto critic for The Detroit News shocks Autoline with his Tesla Model 3 purchase.

This episode's special guest Henry Payne is an automotive critic, an active race car driver, and an editorial cartoonist. As far as John McElroy from Autoline is concerned, Payne is the ultimate gearhead and has oil in his veins (and Payne agrees). In fact, he's been on the show before, sharing his personal race car with the crew. Payne says he doesn't believe in global warming and that's not why he bought this car. So, why did Payne take the plunge and buy a Tesla Model 3?

*To watch the segment on Payne's Tesla Model 3, begin at the 7:25 mark in the video.

In summary, Payne says he bought the Model 3 simply because it's different. Tesla has proven to be the only viable automotive startup in his lifetime, and he's been impressed with the company since the beginning. However, the Model S and Model X are out of his price range. Payne admits that when the Model 3 came along he had to invest in it. He says, as an automotive journalist, this is just something that he needed to do ... to be a part of the journey.

Payne shares that the car has lived up to his expectations and not disappointed. It took him a long time to get it, but he knew after the first time he drove it that it was an incredible car.

Check out the video for more from Henry Payne, as well as an up-close look at his Model 3.

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A Hardcore Gearhead Buys A Tesla Model 3 - Autoline After Hours 444

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