Here is what we know about the Model 3 launch in the UK.

Tesla Model 3 for some time now is being presented in several first markets in Europe. Deliveries of the long-range all-wheel-drive versions should begin in February 2019. It will be followed by rear-wheel-drive and smaller battery versions.

Here is Fully Charged video from the Tesla store in London, where more or less a constant stream of consumers were visiting the Model 3. Some customers were placing orders after they checked build quality of the domonstration unit, size of the vehicle in person, etc. Many of them are new to all-electric cars.

Tesla Model 3 in Europe (including VAT) will be way more expensive than in U.S. (as is usually the case of any cars in Europe because of higher taxes):

  • Long-Range AWD (544 km /338 miles of WLTP range) from about €57,900 ($66,100)
  • Long-Range AWD Performance (530 km /329 miles of WLTP range) from about €68,600 ($78,300)

According to Fully Charged, in UK prices are as follows:

  • Tesla Model 3: ≈€58,000 / ≈£51,622 (≈€70,600 / £62,291 for Performance version)
  • Tesla Model S: ≈£70,000
  • Tesla Model X: ≈£77,000
Configurator for Model 3 not yet open in UK.

"Robert and Jonny attended the first proper public reveal of the Tesla Model 3 in the UK.Configurator is now open for European reservation holders in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and France. In the UK? Not yet."

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