He had created an authentic-looking mockup previously

There are Tesla fans, and then there are TESLA FANS. Erik, of DÆrik YouTube channel fame, falls into both of these categories. The auto-slash-energy brand can be seen throughout his house, though it is mostly concentrated in his garage. There, he has a Tesla Model S, a trio of Tesla Powerwalls to back up the Tesla solar panels on his roof. More recently, he shared an unboxing video of his Tesla surfboard. Now, he has an actual Tesla Supercharger to add to his collection.

Apparently, this was an item he had wanted for a long time. As you can imagine, individual Supercharger units aren't something that Tesla actually sells, so they are pretty hard to come by. Previously, he had actually made the considerable effort to create his own Supercharger shell mockup, which he has hanging on the wall. Though the dimensions are a little off when the authentic and homemade versions are placed side-by-side, it's a pretty good copy.

Erik found the object of his desire on eBay, snapping it up for an undisclosed amount. In the video above you can see how he manages to get the monstrosity wrangled from the back of his car where, amazingly, it had managed to fit. Released from its wrappings and supplied with a bit of electricity, he discovered that both the light that illuminates the branding of the unit and the one that shines downward from inside the top still function properly.

We expect to see more of this particular Supercharger in the future. Besides serving as a backdrop for his under-construction podcasting studio, he mentions that he may try to open it up to share with the world its inner workings. We have to say we're kind of curious about what he finds.

Source: YouTube

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