The information comes courtesy of the Mayor of Shanghai, discussing the current stage of the Gigafactory 3 project.

According to several sources, Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is well on its way. The news comes through the Mayor of Shanghai, who has revealed that the Shanghai-based Tesla Gigafactory has basically completed the land leveling part of the project and the actual construction of the main facility is about to start. Furthermore, it is expected to put the factory into operation in the second half of next year.

It seems that the Shanghai local government officials and the Shanghai leadership have listened to the relevant information relayed to them by Tesla and their department heads. In turn, this encouraged enterprises to accelerate the construction of the factory, all on the premise of ensuring production safety and the quality of the entire project. While the completion date is really close, with all the technological advancements, the firepower of the Chinese construction industry, joined by the somewhat simple architecture of the Gigafactory itself, we have little doubt that the facility - construction wise - will be finished on time.

Quoting Weixin, a Chinese media site:

At present, the project has basically completed land leveling and is about to start construction. It is expected to be partially put into operation in the second half of next year.

However, actually pushing vehicles off the production line is a wholly different ballgame. And certainly, Tesla understands that. After all, the company has been on a hiring spree in Shanghai in the recent few months. However, with the pressing items such as the imposed import tariffs, the demand of the local Chinese market and the need for Tesla to deliver more and more vehicles, this factory couldn't come sooner.

China is on a fast track to becoming one of the world's biggest markets, and thanks partly to the efforts of the local Chinese governments to curb the effects of air pollution, electric vehicles are going to be a highly coveted item. And Tesla fits right into the middle of that.

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