Total still wants to sell some fluids to EVs and to fast charge them.

Total, a French Big Oil company, said recently that it's consolidating its position as a key player in electric mobility. The idea is to offer gas at a discount... an innovative line of fluids for electric and hybrid vehicles. Fluids about which Total is talking are needed for cooling and lubrication of various components.

More interestingly, Total is also going to build a fast-charging network at its fuel stations. In September 2018, Total acquired French company G2Mobility, which manages a network of some 10,000 charging points. Another area of expansion is a partnership between Total Gas & Power and ChargePoint in UK.

According to the latest press release, Total is considering to install 1,000 DC fast chargers (150 kW each) at its 300 service-stations, one every 150 km in Western Europe. On average it would be more than three chargers at each station.

"A territorial grid of charging points within the TOTAL service station network, which will eventually include 1,000 high-powered (150 kW) charging points at 300 "

Press release:

Two new product lines are now available to automakers: Total Quartz EV Fluid, for light vehicles, and Total Rubia EV Fluid, for industrial & utility vehicles and electric buses.

Marketed by Total Lubricants, these products join the other electric mobility solutions Total offers through a variety of concrete applications for charging, storage, and fleet management.

"Through extensive research efforts, we are proud to have developed products that align with the new needs of electric mobility," explains Philippe Charleux, Senior Vice President Lubricants and Specialities at Total. "Integrated before the vehicles leave the factories, these high-performance fluids will accompany them throughout their service lives, benefitting all our customers: parts manufacturers, automakers and end users. This project illustrates our technical excellence and our ability to anticipate and innovate, which we leverage for a sustainable and performing mobility."

Developed in Response to New Technical Requirements

These lines were developed to provide a better solution for the specific issues linked to engines and transmissions with high rotation speeds, and the need to control heat exchange in electric batteries.

Total researchers focused their research and development efforts for these fluids on four main characteristics, required by any electric or hybrid application:

  • dielectric properties, essential to any usage with electric current
  • compatibility with new electrification components, helping to prevent the corrosion of copper coils in electric engines and protect their polymer coatings
  • a solution for the temperature constraints specific to electric models: rapid calorific evacuation during major accelerations or fast charges, thermal management for batteries, etc.
  • conventional lubrication services for transmissions to protect their mechanical components, maintain optimal friction properties and ensure vehicles efficiency over time
Total and ElectroMobility

This line of fluids for electric and hybrid vehicles, now available from Total Lubricants, is in line with Total Climate Strategy and the Group’s ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of the energy products offered to its customers.

It comes in addition to the wide selection of electric mobility solutions already available from Total and its subsidiaries, including:

  • A territorial grid of charging points within the TOTAL service station network, which will eventually include 1,000 high-powered (150 kW) charging points at 300 service-stations, one every 150 km in Western Europe
  • Access to tens of thousands of public charging points throughout Europe through partnerships, offered to professionals via the TOTAL GR Card
  • 10,000 public charging points in France, managed by G2Mobility and located in local and regional authorities as well as in businesses and companies’ premises
  • Private-use solutions, with electric charging offers from Direct Energie and Total Spring in France as well as Lampiris in Belgium, combined with their electricity provision services

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