How do electric cars at the LA Auto Show stack up in the "Frunkpuppy" department?

If you don't follow Tesla news on Twitter, you may be asking, what's a Frunkpuppy? It's kind of a long and heartwarming story, but for now we'll just simplify by saying there's a trend that involves posting pictures of your beloved pets in your Tesla's frunk. It was started by Tesla Model 3 owner and Twitter user 28delayslater (Earl Banning), who now calls himself The_Earl_of_FrunkPuppy. The trend has grown quite huge, and even Elon's mother -- Maye Musk -- has become an active participant.

At any rate, YouTuber Alex Lenz pays homage to Earl in his comical coverage of EVs at the LA Auto Show. The point here is that few electric cars -- aside from Tesla vehicles and new concepts by Rivian -- have a sizable frunk. Being that EVs don't have an engine, one may assume there's lots of room to spare. However, due to certain designs, some electric vehicles don't even offer a frunk at all. This is just another reason that some people are unhappy with new EVs designed by OEMs. Rather than working to make these vehicles next-level, many automakers continue to fall short in certain areas.

Video Description via Alex Venz on YouTube:

2018 LA Auto Show Part 1: The Frunkpuppy Report

It's not like I abandoned traditional coverage of the LA Auto Show and just judged cars by their suitability for frunkpuppies... Ok, I kind of did exactly that. It occurs to me that this video may be a little odd to those not on Twitter.

If you're interested in learning more about Earl's story, our friends at Teslarati recently published an exclusive article.

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