Tesla released the Model 3 configurator for Europe, promises a 544-kilometer WLTP range.

Finally, there is some great news for all the European Model 3 reservation holders and all the people in Europe interested in the Tesla Model 3. With several sources citing the same information, it seems that the U.S carmaker has not only released the Model 3 configurator for most countries in Western Europe but also, a highly likely February 2019 delivery date is rumored.

According to Electrek, the information revealed lists a German starting price tag of 57,900 euro for the Model 3 Long Range, while 68,600 euro is the base price for the range-topping, Tesla Model 3 Performance. Furthermore, it looks like the same delivery strategy that's been deployed in the U.S - first long range / performance, then everything else - will be used with the Model 3 in Europe as well.

In comparison, the new BMW G30 330i starts at 44,950 euro, putting the Tesla way above its price wise. While this may be a problem for somebody doing cold, hard math, for anyone that already put a deposit for a Model 3 and has been waiting for it for months, this won't be the deciding factor. However, even if you pushed the new BMW 3 Series to a range-topping configuration with the same engine (just below the M3, naturally), it still won't get much over 50,000 euros. And for close to 9,000 euros in savings when compared to the Model 3 range-topping prices (with the current gas prices set at around 1,35 euro per liter), you can do over 80,000 kilometers before you even get to the same price tag you need for a Model 3.

However, the Model 3 brings on its own eco-friendly aspect, a bit more performance off the line and autonomous driving. Certainly, that won't mean much for anyone doing the calculation, but the Model 3 does provide some impressive range and cost-benefit advantages. For example, the WLTP ranges are specified for the AWD long-range version and the Performance version with 544 kilometers (338 miles) for the LR, and 530 kilometers (329 miles) for the Performance. If you trace back to the 310 miles (530 kilometers) of range quote by Tesla in the US, you can clearly see that the number was way conservative, particularly for the RWD version.

Overall, this is great news for reservation holders. While, according to currently released information, most of them can expect their vehicle to cost around 60,000 euros as the base price, getting their vehicles after months and months of waiting is a really promising situation. However, while we all can see the clear advantages of Tesla, with current fuel price trends and the overall arrival of several ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) models from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, we feel that sales of this highly appealing vehicle will be good, but not that great right off the bat.

Source: Electrek

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