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Sure, it's Sunday: a day for relaxing and meeting friends; maybe taking stock and counting blessings. Here at InsideEVs, though, we like to keep it in (metaphoric) high gear every day of the week. So, click on the video above and join us in a quick celebration of electric power sans traction control as the Teslonda does the wild thing on some anonymous American road. No doubt the car and its owner were in need of a little excitement after chillaxing on the floor of the SEMA convention for a few days recently.

Faithful readers may recall this Frankenstein of a conversion from earlier this year. Part Honda Accord, part Tesla Model S, part Chevy Volt, and all crazy, it first came onto our radar in February doing a quick acceleration run without the big smoke show. It made a sophomore appearance in April after some reworking of the hardware and software got its zero-to-60 time down to 2.48 seconds.

Since that time it has had some additional work done to it, including the installation of a proper roll cage. Considering its raw power, physics, and its seemingly high center of gravity, we feel this was an excellent decision.

As an extra little bonus, we're throwing in a video below from a late summer drag race against a *checks notes* 1975 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. Enjoy!


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@jimmy.built out at the @hotaugustnights drags blowing some minds with the #teslonda #silentbutdeadly #nvenergypower

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