New behind-the-scenes footage.

The Rivian R1T debut at the L.A. Auto Show has gotten a lot of people excited. Soon, many may be able to drive the sort of vehicle they've long dreamed of: an all-electric pickup truck with even better performance than they might have even imagined. Zero-to-60 in an eye-blinking 3 seconds; a range of over 400 miles; incredible waist-deep river-fording; impossibly steep trail tackling off-road capability. Yes!

The company has now published a new video (above) that takes us behind the scenes, showing us the development of their baby. Clearly, potential customers aren't the only people excited. The team working hard over the years trying to bring this remarkable product to fruition is also pridefully joyous.

Company founder RJ Scaringe (who resembles Clark Kent — seemingly mild-mannered but hiding certain superpowers) kicks things off by narrating the reasons for the company's existence. We see him leading a motivational staff meeting before meeting some of these folks, who let us look over their shoulders as they design various subsystems and talk about their jobs.

Interspersed throughout are clips of the pickup. We see it as a clay styling buck as well as footage of it frolicking it forests, at the beach, and in the mountains. For those more technically-minded there are shots of the 2170-format battery cells which make up the monster packs, along with more mechanical bits. There's definitely something for everyone who has an interest in this one-of-a-kind product.

So what are you waiting for? Hit play already!


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Source: YouTube

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