Prices in China are a lot higher than in the U.S., but that's expected.

According to the latest reports from China, the Tesla Model 3 will be quite expensive after adding the 40% import tax duty and other costs.

The top of the line Performance version will cost almost $100,000, and that's without many options. In the U.S., you could get the base Performance M3 for about $65,000 MSRP. The Long-range all-wheel-drive versions will cost around $84,000 in China.

Tesla Model 3 prices in China:

  • Model 3 Long-range AWD from 580,000 RMB (about $84,000)
  • Model 3 Performance from 689,000 RMB (almost $100,000)
  • China edition red paint: 26,900 RMB ($3,900)
  • white interior: 10,800 RMB ($1,500)
  • 19inch Wheel: Free
  • Enhanced Autopilot: 54,000 RMB ($7,800)

By moving production to China, Tesla should be able to sell Model 3 Long-range AWD from around $60,000, we believe.

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