It seems Christmas shopping for your loved ones just got a load better

UPDATE: Tesla released an update informing us that not only all Model 3 orders, but also all Model S and X orders placed by November 30, 2018 will be delivered by the end of the year and eligible for the full $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. The tax credit will halve after December 31, 2018, so anyone wanting to use the full credit, needs to hurry up.

Clearly, it's way too early for Christmas shopping. No matter what the Xmas decorations in pretty much every store tells you. However, thanks to a recent reveal by Elon Musk, things are looking up for those that want to do Christmas shopping earlier and find perhaps the perfect Christmas present.

It seems that Tesla found a way for any customer that orders a Model 3 by November 30th to receive their vehicle by December 31st, essentially allowing most buyers to fully utilize the $7,500 tax credit.

Tesla is gearing up for more delivers. This latest move will do wonders for all of those that were eyeing a Model 3 but didn't want to order it due to the tax credit phase-out next year. However, it also signifies the will from the Fremont-based carmaker to advance delivery services, essentially helping them move and deliver to customers faster. And, we're sure any Tesla customer will appreciate that, especially in 2019, where the company aims for an even greater sales push.

Musk revealed that Tesla will skip rail deliveries, saving them over a month for East Coast deliveries. He noted that, when all things are considered, it's better to use trucks as they allow single load/unload and direct transport to the owner location. Furthermore, when and if Tesla produces the Tesla Semi in greater numbers, this will take on a more eco-friendly nature as well.

The Tesla CEO also revealed how the company bought some trucking companies and secured contracts with several major haulers to avoid the trucking shortage mistake of last quarter.

With the advent of 2019, Tesla aims to focus on minimizing the time needed to take the vehicles from the factory to the new owner. This is especially significant for European and Asian customers in Q1, where the carmaker is set to use dedicated RoRo ships, allowing a faster turnaround time.

All of this should soon put an end to Tesla's delivery hell.