A bird's eye view as this Tesla Model 3 Performance with Track Mode tears up some tires.

Tesla lover, hardcore YouTuber, and amateur racing guru Erik Strait (DAErik) is at it again. Erik produces informational videos to help Tesla owners, builds his own Tesla-related appliances, runs a Tesla inventory site, and now races his Model 3 Performance at a raceway in the mountains of Colorado. Did we mention he has a life outside of Tesla and a "real" job as well? Anyhow, this time Erik is checking out Track Mode on the Tesla Model 3 Performance, so much so that he's burning up his tires.

For this latest video, Erik has taken his Model 3 Performance to Pike's Peak International Raceway and brought along a professional driver. In addition, he rented the whole track for the day, so they could have it at all to themselves. Not only do we get to see the Model 3 on the track from the usual cockpit perspective, the video is also teeming with terrific drone footage of the day's events.

Kudos to Erik for the fantastic footage and the intense driving. Looks like he'll have to replace some tires, but it appears it was worth it. Check out the video and then share your insight with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 @ The Track! Track Mode & Torn Up Tires!


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