Profitability of Kia EVs is within 3 years.

According to Autocar, Kia expects that break even on EVs is achievable in Europe within 2-3 years, which would be somewhere near the end of 2021.

Currently, the South Korean manufacturer is offering two models: Soul EV and e-Niro.

"Making profit out of electric cars is not easy, but Kia reckons it will break even in Europe on its range of two battery-electric cars within two to three years – even at the competitive price of £30k for the e-Niro unveiled recently. Kia plans to sell 30,000 electric cars annually by 2020/21."

The thing that catches our attention is the planned volume of 30,000 electric cars annually by 2020/2021, which sounds low, not only for the booming EV market, but also from a profitability standpoint. Maybe the number concerns only Europe though?

Source: Autocar

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