Now that Tesla has finally released its parts catalog, this Model 3 should be easier to fix. But, is it worth it?

YouTuber Rich Rebuilds is the man when it comes to turning salvaged Tesla vehicles into workable vehicles again. We've yet to see a ton of Model 3s out there that are being sold "as is" and may be worth fixing. Rich has tracked down a Model 3 that was recently in a wreck and the owner has decided not to get it fixed. He's selling it for $34,000, but it needs a ton of work.

In the past, Rich would have had to scour the internet to try to find parts for this car. Chances are, since the Model 3 is so new, he may not have much luck and would have had to get creative or forego the project completely. However, with the release of Tesla's new parts catalog, there's a chance he can use this wrecked Model 3 and turn it into an opportunity. In fact, if it works out well, this could be a really cheap way to get into a brand-new Tesla.

An estimate from a Tesla repair shop says that the car requires $8,000 in parts, $10,000 in labor, and $800 in paint. So, about $20,000 to get it fixed by Tesla. If you do the labor yourself, the estimate shows that it would cost about $10,000. Is it worth a total of $44,000 to buy this car and do the repairs yourself? Rich takes a deep dive into the math to answer that question.

Video Description via Rich Rebuilds on YouTube:

Fixing Tesla Model 3 With the NEW Tesla Parts Catalog!

Today we put Tesla’s new parts catalog to the test! Can we actually use it to fix a wrecked model 3?

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