Let's take a look at nine features The Money Guy believes put the Tesla Model 3 ahead of the competition.

We've shared a few videos from a YouTube series by The Money Guy. As we always say, you don't necessarily have to agree with or take his advice about financing, although it's all interesting to digest. Nonetheless, he's put together a nice collection of videos about the Tesla Model 3 that don't dwell on money, though he feels the Tesla sedan is a solid investment. If he didn't, it wouldn't find its way onto his YouTube channel. This latest entrant deals with nine Model 3 "magic tricks." They're not truly magic, but these are features that may set the Model 3 apart from many other cars.

Brian and his trusted companion point out some things that make the Tesla Model 3 shine, as well as those that the average Joe may not be so well aware of. How about the all-electric car's incredible gas savings or its free over-the-air software updates? We can't forget about the sedan's impressive space-to-size ratio or the fact that is accelerates to an almost unheard-of level. There's more in the video about safety, Autopilot, and even creating extra time in your life to partake in the activities you love and/or those that you must fit in to the daily grind. Can the Model 3 help you with that?

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Video Description via The Money Guy on YouTube:

9 Tesla Magic Tricks Every Owner Should Know!

Let's go over 9 magic tricks that makes a Tesla vehicle so special!

1. Save $2,600 on gas! 2. Save the planet! 3. Go very fast! 4. Upgrade your car! 5. Autopilot! 6. Safety! 7. A lot of storage space! 8. Very Quiet! 9. Create more time!


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