Tesla Canuck feels the Tesla Model 3 44.2 update was poorly thought out

Recently, some Model 3 owners have had issues with the car's frameless windows and locking charger connector. Both were prone to icing over in certain weather conditions. When this occurs, unplugging your charge cord or even just getting into your vehicle becomes a major issue. If this happened, the best solution was likely to pre-condition and wait.

As usual, Tesla was on the case with a fast tracked software update. Just a few weeks later, the new 44.2 update was released to address this problem. According to Tesla "Window position and charge connector locking behaviors have been optimized for cold weather."

Well, Tesla Canuck has received this update but was not particularly impressed. In his video, he demonstrates the new window functionality. As the driver pulls on the door handle, the window quickly rolls down about an inch. Seemingly this is to assist in breaking up any ice on the window. But accumulated snow could cause a problem.

The concern is that accumulated snow is more likely to fall into the vehicle as a result of this behavior. To avoid this, it is probably a good idea to brush off any snow from a car door whether it is frameless or not. Still, he would rather not have this feature enabled.

Of course, he is not suggesting removing the feature for those that want it. Just in having the option to disable it for those that do not. "I guess what I'm looking for is in the options here, let's have the ability to turn it off."

For a demonstration of the new window behavior and the concerns of one Canadian Model 3 owner, check out the video above! For current Model 3 owners: have you experienced the initial problem with iced over windows? If so, did the newest update improve the situation? Let us know in the comments below!

Video description from Tesla Canuck

Last week during unusual winter weather in the north east of Canada and the United States, some Tesla Model 3 owners complained that their doors froze (the window froze at the top to the rubber door seal). From what I could tell in the forums, it was a small minority of owners. I think Tesla overreacted and rushed out a software update that wasn't well thought through. Watch this video to see why. Please like and subscribe if you enjoy this video.???

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