In low-income and disadvantaged communities in California.

As part of the dieselgate scandal settlement, Volkswagen was ordered to invest $2 billion in electric vehicle infrastructure and education throughout the US. Of that, $800-million will be invested in California, and the remaining $1.2 billion will be used for the rest of the country.

We've begun to see some traction in the installation of Electrify America's high-speed DC Fast charge stations, and EA recently added an interactive map to locate stations and monitor their progress. With today's announcement, EA has begun to fulfill their obligation to install EV charging and increase public awareness in low-income and disadvantaged communities in California.

Electrify America DC Fast charging station

Electrify America DC Fast charging station

In order to accomplish that goal, Electrify America has announced that they will collaborate with six California organizations.  The organizations working with Electrify America on this initiative include Valley Clean Air Now (Valley CAN), Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment (PACE), Chinese Newcomers Service Center (CNSC), Self Help for the Elderly (SHE), Liberty Hill Foundation (LHF) and GRID Alternatives. The press release further states that more than 75 non-profit, private and public entities from across California were invited to submit proposals.

Comments from two of the organizations selected to collaborate in the initiative:

"Valley Clean Air Now manages the "Drive Clean in the San Joaquin", a program designed to help families repair or replace their older model inefficient and high emission vehicles with newer hybrid or plug-in electric vehicles,” said Tom Knox, executive director of Valley Clean Air Now. “We look forward to cooperating Electrify America on zero emission vehicle education including ride and drives designed to increase ZEV sales.”

“Our project team consists of experienced program managers and community service professionals skilled in servicing hard-to-reach populations,” said Anni Chung, President and CEO of Self-Help for the Elderly. “The cooperation with Electrify America will offer continued support to our extended network of 25 community-based organizations in 10 California counties to provide culturally competent, linguistically appropriate ZEV awareness and education.”

Comments from Electrify America:

“Due to a combination of public policies and incentive programs in California, there are more models of ZEVs available in California than anywhere else.  The cost for a low-income individual to obtain both new and used ZEVs in California can often be less expensive than a similar gasoline-powered vehicle,” Richard Steinberg of Electrify America said. “Electrify America believes this is a critical message to communicate, and we have chosen to collaborate with these six organizations that are trusted in their communities and will deliver that message most effectively.”

For a full transcript of the press release, follow this link to the Electrify America website.

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