Can the Tesla Model 3 top all others and take home a trophy and some cash at this airport runway racing event?

We're already aware that the Tesla Model 3 is quick. However, while the non-performance version is more eager than many cars, its ~5-second zero-to-60-mph time is not anything overly spectacular. Nonetheless, when it comes to short sprints, Tesla vehicles (and some other EVs) often have an edge over ICE cars. This Model 3 owner aims to prove that in this airport runway racing event.

The best part about the above fact is that such short sprints are typically the only acceleration spec an average driver will utilize in normal daily driving. Sure, ridiculous top speed and high top-end power is useful for racing, but unless you're endangering yourself and others, along with breaking the law, these specs aren't presenting themselves during your daily commute.

Check out the short video above to see how the Tesla Model 3 fares against the competition.

Video Description via Jackson Hart on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Racing On An Airport Runway

This is my first time editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

The event was called Race The Runway where (with the permission from the airport) a bunch of cars got together and raced against each other for a trophy and $100. The winner was determined by the car's top speed at 1/8 of a mile. Tesla takes home the victory with a speed of 86 mph at the 1/8 mile marker

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