Sion will be powered by the 120 kW Continental drive unit

Sono Motors announced that its Sion solar-powered electric car will be equipped with Continental's drive unit (electric motor, power electronics and transmission), as Continental becomes a long-term partner for production.

The motor is rated at 120 kW and 290 Nm, which sounds like way more than enough for such a small car, but at least it will be fun.

"Their integration into a single system unit reduces the size and weight of the drive system, thereby boosting the vehicle’s performance. The drive system, which has already been validated, can be incorporated into the Sion without the need for any additional significant development work and is therefore in keeping with Sono Motors’ innovative carry-over parts strategy."

Roberto Diesel, CTO of Sono Motors said:

“Our decision to work with Continental marks the conclusion of another important stage in the preparation of the Sion’s series production. With Continental, we have found an experienced system partner with high automotive standards who shares our enthusiasm for innovative vehicle development solutions and whose name stands for quality and the height of technology around the world,” .

Sono Motors currently has about 8,800 pre-orders for the Sion (paid at least €500). The price of the vehicle is to be €16,000 excluding batteries, which are expected to cost additional €9,000 for total €25,500 (€29,000). Previously, the company hoped to offer batteries for around €4,000, but that "is no longer realistic".

Customers will be able to purchase batteries or lease them for €90 - €140  per month.

"The Sion has a battery capacity of 35 kWh. The optimized engine reduces the vehicle’s consumption. The hitherto communicated range of 250 kilometers has now also been confirmed in simulations in accordance with the new Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) standard as being of 255 kilometers. The choice of a front-wheel drive also further increases drive and recuperation efficiency."

Sono Sion spec:

  • 35 kWh battery
  • 255 km (159 miles) of range (WLTP) - simulated
  • 120 kW and 290 Nm electric motor

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