GAC signs up on the list of Tesla killers - sort of

GAC NE, the new energy vehicle arm under GAC Motor, unveiled at the 2018 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition its all-new all-electric brand (and model) - Aion S.

The Aion S is promised to go 500 km (310 miles) on a single charge when it hits the market in 2019, and maybe compete with Tesla, as the Chinese company wrote: "GAC NE is striving to transcend Tesla with series of core technology and sustainable innovation."

It's hard to say much about the Aion S as there are no specs released, but it seems that there will at least be another compleing electric car on the Chinese market.

"Aion S has a driving mileage of over 500 kilometers and is equipped with L2 assisted driving system and Bosch Body Stability System 9.3. It will be available in the market in 2019. Through GAC NE’s brand-new APP, customers can customize their demands and place orders online. GAC NE is striving to transcend Tesla with series of core technology and sustainable innovation.With the global rapid development of new energy vehicles, GAC NE has been in a strong position since its birth in 2017. New technologies, new manufacturing, new products, new ecology, and new brand are driving GAC NE to a new milestone. Later this year, GAC NE will open a new manufacturing factory for L4 automatic driving testing. In the era of e-car 2.0, GAC NE is committed to creating world-class e-cars with the most advanced technologies and premium services.

Within just over a year, GAC NE has taken a solid step forward leveraging GAC’s leading R&D and manufacturing capabilities. In the first ten months of this year, the cumulative sales volume of GAC NE reached 13,928 units, an increase of 291% year-on-year, continuously refreshing the records of its own. It has become the world's leading and socially trusted green and intelligent mobile value creator. Besides, GAC is proudly announced that it is the first manufacturer to apply solar energy to mass production vehicles in the world. GAC NE believes it will lead the industry with its innovation and strategic layout in three to five years, and becomes well-known Chinese “name card” like Huawei, Alibaba etc."

Feng Xingya, General Manager of GAC and Chairman of GAC NE, said:

“As GAC’s strategic carrier for the development of new energy vehicles, GAC NE will build itself into one of the most competitive and innovative technology companies worldwide, transforming from a car manufacturer to a comprehensive mobility solution provider. GAC NE aims to become the world’s leading and trusted value creator of green and smart mobility.”

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